About SAC

Squamish Arts Council Mission & Mandate:

The Squamish Arts Council’s (SAC) mission is to generate awareness of and improve access to arts, culture and heritage in Squamish.

Through seeking funding resources, strengthening communication, and supporting local art initiatives we hope to serve the Squamish community as an advocate for the vision of a vibrant arts & culture scene in Squamish.

2018 Board of Directors

Haley Lorraine – Chair

Elena Whitman – Vice Chair

Kandice Keith – Treasurer

Kathy Daniels – Director

Mo Rainbow – Director

Dawna Werbeski – Director

Rachel Anne Farquharson – Director

Justine Frese – Director


Executive Director

Amy Liebenberg


Volunteer Advisory Roles to the Board

Cydney Lyons

Ravneet Minhas

SAC Building Temp

Squamish Arts Council

[email protected]

Box 2670, Squamish, B.C. V8B 0B8