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Amped in the Park got its beginnings from a Squamish Arts Council board member who took their first musical steps on the stage in Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton’s program of a few young people, some sound equipment and a stage eventually lead into the amazingly elective and live music scene there today.

A group of Squamish youth have banded together to form Amped in the Park – an Open Performance Series. With help from the Squamish Arts Council and the District of Squamish to provide sound equipment to activate the U’Siyam Pavillion this group is ready to take off!

Group members range from musicians to sound technicians and generally are a bit in both worlds. This summer the group will not only sharpen their sound mixing, engineering and stage management skills but also help other young and emerging artists take the stage.

The vibe is casual, jam sessions so all emerging artists are welcomed! Whether you’ve never performed or are looking to enhance your public performance skills, or just want to do something fun on a Thursday night, Amped in the Park awaits!

Performance dates:


Interested in submitting your art work for the 2018 Squamish Art Walk? We’re looking for both artists to submit work and venues to host the works.


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