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Member Benefits

As a member of Squamish Arts, visual artists, performance artists, organizations & local businesses benefit from our community & resources.

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SAC Building Access

1 free time per month, members can host meet-ups or any not-for-profit endeavour or event. To learn how to book the building please email us for more information on your event or function.

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Voting Rights

Members get voting rights at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Members can apply for the SAC Community Arts & Culture Enhancement Grant if they fall under the eligible applicant guidelines. SAC disseminates this grant annually to community art projects thanks to the contributions of the District of Squamish.

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eNewsletter Updates

Members get periodical newsletters which include Calls for Artists, Events and Volunteer opportunities.

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Featured Artist Listing

Your name and website / social profile will be listed on the homepage of this website. Featured artist profiles are changed every quarter. Get in touch with us to apply.

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Contribution to Arts

Members get to know their contributions are 100% put towards supporting the mission of the Squamish Arts Council, which is to increase access to and support awareness of the arts in Squamish.

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Member to Member Discounts

Members get discounts from other members or supporting companies who sign up to offer them. Please contact us via email for an updated list of all offers.

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Stay tuned for more member benefits as we revamp!

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